LED Light Beauty Mask

LED Light Beauty Mask

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Ultra light weight wireless  rechargeable LED Light Therapy Beauty Mask. This product uses 3 types of light sources including red, blue and orange colors. The processes of LED optic therapy or LED photon treatment belong to non-invasive painless skincare, and their effects are significant without harmful light. Hence, it is used widely by dermatologists. 

RED Light - Facilitates blood circulation, accelerates metabolism, generates collagen, helpful to the wrinkle care and the skin improvement.

BLUE Light - It removes propionibacterium acnes, is helpful to the acne care by improving the environment in the hair follicle. Kills acne causing bacteria and penetrates deep to treat cystic acne.

ORANGE Light - It improves the function of oxygen exchange in the cells, accelerates the blood circulation, skin whitening/brightening, treats hyperpigmentation, heals and improves dull skin.

UVA/UVB Protected

HOW TO USE (only use mask wireless):

1. Cleanse skin

2. Apply soothing and hydrating products

3. Push the button for 3 seconds to TURN ON the shield

4. Push the button until desired LED light color appears

5. Place the shield on face for 10 to 20 minutes

6. Hold button down until shield POWERS OFF

LED LIGHT THERAPY BEAUTY MASK can be used daily for optimal results.

 Package included:

1 x Wireless Beauty Mask

1 x USB Cable